The progress of the world will call for the best that all of us have to give.
–Mary McLeod Bethune 




Supporting the work that small businesses do for the betterment of our economy. 

Education is the foundation from which you can create your own success and achieve financial stability. Education gives us a refined knowledge of the world around us. 

Denise strives to improve the quality of life in Prince George’s County by promoting safety, advocating for  the highest quality of emergency and medical services, and community outreach programs.

Our senior citizens possess insurmountable wealth and experience and we strive to uplift them and serve as an ally for the issues that affect their quality of life.  We work to promote the independence and enhance the dignity of Prince George’s County older adults, persons with disabilities and their families through a community based system of services, opportunities,  benefits and protections.

A healthy community is key to a successful community. We support quality health care, healthy lifestyles and holistic wellness and partner with health focused organizations to facilitate access to quality healthcare options. 

Working to improve the lives of autistic individuals and their families through community-building, advocacy, and education.